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Either That Player Does Not Exist...

New player here. I logged in and played for awhile this AM. When I logged out and tried to get back on I hit play under my character but I get the error:

Either that player does not exist or is using a different password. I've tried the temp password multiple times to no success. I tried 'change password' from the site but no email ever makes it to my inbox.


Id contact [email protected]!
Have you checked your spam folders?
You get a character login password in your email. It's different from your account password.

You also have to use your character's "name," not the full name, but the alias you appear as in rooms.

Confused the heck out of me when I first played. I 100% failed to log in correctly. (Used both the wrong name and password, lol.)

Your character was probably reaped, if you haven't logged in in 5 or 6 weeks. If that's the case you can connect as a guest and @register a new character.

Your old character will remain in your website account forever, which is probably where the confusion is coming from.