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Connection problems
Getting error this morning..

Error: EMFILE, too many open files '/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/views/connect-as.ejs'

at Object.fs.openSync (fs.js:439:18)

at Object.fs.readFileSync (fs.js:290:15)

at Object.exports.renderFile (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/node_modules/ejs-locals/node_modules/ejs/lib/ejs.js:273:12)

at View.module.exports [as engine] (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/node_modules/ejs-locals/index.js:86:7)

at View.render (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/node_modules/express/lib/view.js:75:8)

at (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/node_modules/express/lib/application.js:503:10)

at ServerResponse.res.render (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/node_modules/express/lib/response.js:718:7)

at exports.connect (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/routes/screens.js:9:9)

at callbacks (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/node_modules/express/lib/router/index.js:162:11)

at param (/home/ubuntu/dome-client.js/node_modules/express/lib/router/index.js:136:11)

I'm experiencing the same thing. What's happening out there? Damn.
Same here, I've just been using a mudclient instead of the webclient and it seems to be working.
Apparently it's unreachable now too... perhaps the devs were updating something andbthere was a bug?
I'm getting the same thing via the web client.
Yeah, I cannot connect either. Seems something happened. Will try again later.
It is a little different now. Instead of the message in the OP, it now lets you type in a login and pw, but then stalls out when you hit submit.
I am having the same problems when trying to connect through the web browser, I installed VMOO and tried joining through there without having problems.
I'm also experiencing issues loading the webclient.
Update, I can now connect to the web client without issue