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SIC Explosives Script

These are the current scripts for explosives on the SIC. The original script I based these off of was written by Reefer.

Street, Big Bomb

Street, Small Bomb

Non Street, Small Bomb

Non Street, Large Bomb

The Street, Big Bomb one is the most complete with 80ish responses.

What I could use is MORE responses for the others. You don't have to create a google doc, you can paste them directly into the BGBB for this.

Just follow this pattern:

Cmas %alias "Boom. BOOM. BOOM!!!"

Cmas %alias %bombtype " just went off at " %bloc "!"

These variables are available, though %bloc and %bombtype are the important ones. And these are ALL case sensitive.

%bloc (location) %bombtype (timebomb, grenade, etc) %drug %street %archetype %cloth %penis %corp

It says we have to request access to every document besides the Street/Big Bomb document.