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Script Google Drive
Check it

Hey everyone, I've put together a google drive with some scripting examples as well as scripts that we need.

Please check it out. You can edit the scripts in the new scripts folder. Just add your stuff into the doc, don't delete others stuff.

When you've added a script, update this thread :)

We need dream scripts, holo ads, sic scripts, resuscitation scripts.

Thanks for the idea Reefer!

-- S

Hi! I'm starting to add parody songs and the like, whatever I think of that mentions Withmore and could fit in a jukebox project, to the folder. Should I write in emotes for the song notes or something? Or just leave lyrics? I'll fix it up if need be!
It seems copying the link over or writing it out is not working for all players. So here is a clickable link:

The scripting drive has been updated with A TON more examples as well as the Babble-On Scripting Guide.