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RE: Idea's Drugs
Sounds like alot of fun :)

The idea posting had some interesting ideas about the use of drugs in the game, and if I could get a list of the drugs that are in the game, and what they are spose to be comparable to in modernday, I would love to start working on scripts for them. �Experiance in this fascet is going to be valuable I think if you guys want somthing like this done. �let me know. Thanks.
I was thinking about this as well and my drugs need to be converted to a script object first so you have a way to cause effects and stuff.

When I have done so, I'll post a set of instructions and what we need, ok?

Ofcourse, this gets added to -the list-

just a question out of the blue here.

what is a -script- object compared to a none script object?

A script object comprises the Babble-On Script intreperter and a set of commands which that script supports.

Most scripts just use the $default_script object, but some script objects add additional functionality on top of that, such as the $npc_centric_script (which adds commands for controlling a NPC) or a $holographic_advertisement_script (which is a type of $npc_centric_script which creates a hologram).

Usually an item enabled by a script consists of 3 parts:

The object itself.
The script (the text file).
The script object which supports the commands in the script.

The object itself usually has a verb which loads the script and executes it against the script object.

The inner workings are much more complex, and much more simplified from a programmers perspective (that's called good encapsulation), but that's the basic idea.

An example of this might be:

Hookie (an NPC object)
The 99 bottles of beer on the wall script
The $default_script object.

Hookie has a verb ('sing') which causes him to load the 99 bottles of beer script and execute it against the $default_script object. This in turn causes him to sing 99 bottles of beer.

The same paradigm applies to drugs:

The Drug object
The drug effect script (the text file)
The $drug_effect script object which supports the commands in the drug effect script.

Obviously the drug effect script is going to have some custom commands which allow you to do things like temporailly raise/lower stats and possibly modify look_places or however we decide to implement the effects of drugs.

Hope this makes some sense...


If you need an extra pair of hands, give me a slap. :)

Just another tought... If a character creates a drug, let's say v-202 but adds another component to it, can we set an effect/description to it?

Example :

make v-202 with chem kit
Ninja goat mixes a vial of v-202

add tylenol to v-202 with chem kit
Ninja goat adds an extra edge to it.

use v-202
Get all the effects of v-202 and an extra from tylenol, like dunno making you feel less pain.

Ninja goat runs around on screaming "I'm Superman!"


So can the v-202 inherit an effect? Or it would be a v-203, ie a new drug all along?

This is just brainstorming, but bare with we and leave you paddles in your drawers....

If we link a substance with an effect and the combine substances generate combined effects on the player... we can mostly do anything with a chemical kit.

Take for instance lip balm (i know it's not a drug but extends that object) you have cocoa extract and mint essence as components, effects are feeling refreshing and protected.
Exchange mint essence for red die No. 2 and you have lipstick, effects feeling prettier and protected.

Mix pharmacologic alcohol and oak extract and get a parfum, effects freshness and smelling good.

Get my drift? By using the same object (drug) other possibilities arise beyond it's original focus...

And that is just by thinking easy two components formulas i came up with :

lipbalm : cocoa extract + mint essence
lipstick : cocoa extract + red die no. 2
parfum : alcohol + oak/citric/flower extract
soap � �: glicerol + oak/citric/flower extract
massage oil : oak/citric/flower extract + mineral oil

(Edited by Xeethot at 5:11 am on Mar. 24, 2004)

Quote: from Xeethot on 5:08 am on Mar. 23, 2004[br]
add tylenol to v-202 with chem kit
Ninja goat adds an extra edge to it.

I bet tha would be fun to parse.

The whole soap thing with the chem set and all that reminded me of Fight Club.  Perhaps they could be used to create certain type of explosives as well?  Then perhaps certain types of ammunition could be enhanced or altered in various ways.  Though in order for all this, other types of skills may be necessary in order to successfully create a useful item of some sort.  And if working with explosives, perhaps a failed roll could make something blow up in your face.

Just some ideas.  whoo.