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Explosive Ambient Scripts
Help us make the streets come alive

I spent a little bit of time writing an Explosive Ambient Script template below. To start, we need: burn_bar, frag_bar, sonic_bar, burn_shop, frag_shop, sonic_shop, burn_shop, burn_street, frag_street, and sonic_street.

Eventually, I want to expand this to include sector specific responses that can automagically use appropriate encryption keys...and maybe convince Slither have a few of these spawn corpses or Momento NPC scripts.

Please let me know if you have any comments or complaints.


uses $sic_script

//Let’s get some happy little variables to make our scripts randomly make no fucking sense at all.

"gang" => "The Bringers", "The Arteries", etc

"person" => "Miranda Wu", "Doc McClure", "Judge Volkyre", etc

"street" => "Fuller Street", "Death Row and Fuller", "the Knife's Hilt", etc

"penis" => "cock", "dick", "prick", etc

"action" => "apologize", "suck a man off", "die", etc

"corp" => "Genetek", "NLM", "Skywatch", etc

"bar" => "the Drome", "Carnal", "Carnal Desires", etc

"drug" => "Endo", "Endoprine", "V", etc

"cloth" => "coat", "blazer", "tie", etc

"archetype" => "meat puppet", "joe boy", "razor grrl", etc

“Location” => “The Black Drome”, “Grunen’s Tavern - Bar”, Deji Pachi - Bar”, etc

“Sector” => “Red”, “Green”, “Gold”, “Blue”

“Device” => “ied”, “incendiary”, “sonic”

“Venue” => “bar”, “shop”, “street”, “corp”, “clinic”, “mall”, etc

randalias "%alias" "male"

randalias "%alias2" "male"

randalias "%alias3" "male"

randalias "%alias4" "wtf does this even do?"

Start “boom”

// Let’s Characterize the Device Type and Venue. TBD wider range of venues and sectors.

Label “boom”

If %device=incendiary and %venue=bar

Start “burn_bar”

elseif %device=ied and %venue=bar

Start “frag_bar”

elseif %device=sonic and %venue=bar

Start “sonic_bar”

elseIf %device=incendiary and %venue=shop

Start “burn_shop”

elseIf %device=ied and %venue=shop

Start “frag_shop”

elseIf %device=sonic and %venue=shop

Start “sonic_shop”

elseIf %device=incendiary and %venue=street

Start “burn_street”

elseIf %device=ied and %venue=street

Start “frag_street”

If %device=sonic and %venue=street

Start “sonic_street”


// Our example script quickly sorts from 5 pre-canned responses and selects one.

Label “burn_bar”

random "sico" 5

if equals %sico 1

start "burn_bar_a"

elseif equals %sico 2

start "burn_bar_b"

elseif equals %sico 3

start "burn_bar_c"

elseif equals %sico 4

start "burn_bar_d"

elseif equals %sico 5

Start “burn_bar_e”



Label “burn_bar_a”

Cmas %alias “YARRGH!! FIIIIRRREEEE!!!!!”

Pause 20

Cmas %alias2 “The %location is on fire!”

Pause 5

cmas %alias3 "We don’t need no water let the motherbaka burn!"

pause 10

cmas %alias3 "BURN!! MOTHERBAKA!! BURN!!!"


Label “burn_bar_b”

Cmas %alias “I am perfectly fine with the way events are unfolding.”

Pause 5

Cmas %alias2 “I’m not. Get the fuck out of my way! %Location is on fucking -FIRE- you genetic splatjob!

Pause 10



Label “burn_bar_c”

Cmas %alias “Bars on fire.”

Pause 5

Cmas %alias2 “%person did it! I -SAW- THEM!!!”


Label “burn_bar_d”

Cmas %alias “MYYY LLLLEGGGSSS!!!!”

Pause 10

Cmas %alias “Please...somebody help...please…”

Pause 10

Cmas %alias “I c-can’t see. There’s too much smoke! Help!!”

Pause 10

Cmas %alias “Tell %person I love them.”


Label “burn_bar_e

Cmas %alias2 “We need the servants of Anor!”

Pause 5

Cmas %alias “B-B-Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. B-Bomb. Bomb. BOMB!! I’m a BOMBADIER!!!”

Pause 15

Cmas %alias3 “MEDIC AT %LOCATION!!”

Pause 10

Cmas %alias “Boom. BOOM. BOOM!!!”