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It's a tv show...

Here's the long dead deahtball script I started...

pause 6

announceall %location "[An unmarked sleek black aerodyne emerges from the foggy neon coated haze, guns exposed and ready to fire. A faint laser emits from one of them and slowly scans over the screen. ] "

pause 7

announceall %location "[The on screen perspective spins wildly causing you to lose track of the Shinohara Dome's laws of gravity abruptly. The grand scope of the coliseums centerpiece comes into light as the camera spirals downwards. Digitally enhanced, the fusion of old world sociology with bleeding edge science becomes apparent in this

monstrosity.] Are -You- Ready to step into NoOo Man's Land?!"

pause 15

announceall %location "[Digital overlays display the schematics with dramatic detail over bass pounding SPEed DuB. Reflecting ominous connotations about the 8 meter high, 91.5 meter across killing grounds. Neatly packaged in a vacuum by a translucent virtually indestructible viral synthetic courtesy of ViriiSoma. Held carefully in place by Neutronium beams that root themselves in the volcanic depths of the City's foundation.]"

pause 15

announceall %location "[Bipolar pseudo-gravity generators line the vacuum centering the gravity over the odd viral compound that establishes the boundaries of the sphere. The resulting field effectively enables the ultimate freedom in the anything goes arena. Eight men line the Outskirts, outfitted in: paramilitary trousers, combat boots and sleeveless flak jackets. They're easily discernible by logo's, colors, and implants. On each Fringe – A single warrior stands before their respective perpendicular apex each equidistant by

90 meters, defending opposing magnetic ball locks.] THIS IS DEATHBALL."

pause 15

// _build players

/_add play by play statistics...on the fly?

//ViriiSoma Contagion

/_add uniforms (Red and Black)

actor %Victor is named "Victor" and looks like "Victor's monthly struggle for survival has etched deep lines in his face, and his bestial grin attests to the ferocity under the surface. He carries himself with certainty as though each of his actions are planned with utter efficiency and tactic. A malign sort of patience rests within' his pupil-less eyes as though he recognizes that any true threat will come to him."

actor %Lin is named "Lin" and looks like "Lin's' impressive appearance wins many fights before they begin. She wears her hair cropped short, so as to provide no handhold for an opponent. Her large frame belies a surprising and deadly quickness. She surveys with they eyes of a true predator, noticing every subtle nuance and innuendo. Its as though she has a complete lack of fear."

actor %Samson is named "Samson" and look like "Sunken eyes, a perpetual snart and a domineering presence attests to Samson's age and utter lack of human emotion. He's obviously vat grown and has tattooed a cross on the back of his neck in open mockery of the Church and its promises of redemption. Flowing white hair hangs over his eyes, concealing whatever sinister intentions he has.”

Actor %Dirk is named "Dirk" and looks like "Dirk's eyes are impassive and distant. Life means nothing to him. His long blond hair dances around him with a life of its own, even when he is completely still. He bears a long scar across his face obviously inflicted by the

DeathBall that he wears as a badge of honor, given to him by a particularly worthy opponent. He speaks little, but his haughty demeanor exudes an aura of indomitably. He has witnessed massive blood-shed, and his gaze suggests that he sizes up everyone he meets."

//New Light Media Icons

/_add uniforms (Green and White)

actor %Bauhaus is named "Bauhaus" and looks like "Bauhaus' covered in tattoos, and some of them move. Jets of black ink shoot through his body, making patterns as they pass. Every few minutes, they travel through the veins of his temples and create curled horns on both sides of his shaved head. Then, the horns fade and the ink forms tear-shaped loops as it travels down his left cheek and back into the patterns on his body. Bauhaus goes vest less in order to show off his animated tattoos."

actor %Jamal is named "Jamal" and looks like "Jamal carries himself like a hunting cat: eyes constantly in motion, body perfectly still, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. His natural features are those typically ascribed to Egyptians and other North Africans."

actor %Jonus is named "Jonus" and looks like "Short, hairy and mean looking. You're not quite sure whether this guy just crawled out of the badlands or is undergoing radioactive therapy. Regardless, this strange little beast of a man commands a degree of respect amongst his fellow warriors that tower over him like giants. Must be the low center of gravity."

actor %Busch is "Busch" and looks like "You're fairly certain this is some sort of shaved gorilla. Riddled with bar codes, serial ports, and artificial veins. Busch is a prototype, no questions asked. He doesn't seem to have a mouth. Kinda makes you wonder if he has an asshole..."

//1st 5 minutes - Learning the Game

//Icon Ball Lock – No Man's Land(Throne=Ball lock, Jester = Holgraphic Icon Mascot. Don’t forget the crowd which are nothing but peasants in a fiefdom. Perhaps modify Busch’s look_place “is the king.” Or some shit.)

desc %here “Holographic green tapestries sporting white stripes ripple with lifelike majesty displaying NLM in accented Palatino Linotype. Four MASSIVE clasps are secured directly through the virtually indestructible sphere to the orbital steel beams, outlining the eye of Ball Lock.”

actor %ICON is “The Icon Mascot” and looks like “%N appears to be the typical jabbering holo. Decked out in rediculous garb that must have been ripped out of a pulp comic in the days when paper was still made from tree's.”

place %ICON is “parading about wildly here, reveling in his double chin, and plastique smile.”

announceall %location "The speakers pulse loudly, 'The NEW LIGHT MEDIA ICONS, the biggest fuckin' slags o' meat ever to set foot in No Man's Land!!!'"

pause 5

announceall %location "[The hovercam slowly pans towards Busch, capturing the soft rustle of the crowd through the transparent viral compound that confines the arena.] Four year veteran, Antoine Busch. The only member of the Icons that isn't a baseline. One-Hundred percent Vat-Grown, and he's not just missing his belly button folks. This is a man who's convinced Deathball is better then sex."

Enter Busch

Place %Busch is "creeping along the outer rim, protecting the NLM Ball-Lock."

as %Busch

.hop .backward, gliding amidst the Bi-polar threshold of gravity while striking a muscle rippling pose. Accompanied by a HUD that swirls around his head like a crooked halo. [83 Kills] [54 Deaths] [420 Saves] [130 Goals Let In]

pause 10

exit Busch

exit The Icon Mascot

//cut to sportscenter (Announceall + redesc)

“I don't think he'd know, Todd”

pause 5

announceall %locations “[On the screen behind Todd and Seth you see: Busch glare directly into the camera.]”

pause 5

“Can he hear us?!”

pause 5

//Icon Outer Rim – No Man's Land

desc %here "

announceall %location "[NLM – SportsVault cuts back to the arena as the defensive

line comes into view.] Two scary J's, we're looking at the Alpha and the Omega here, Seth. They'll rip off your balls, dip them in wasabi and stir fry the little fuckers in biodiesel before you can register the pain."

Enter Jonus

Enter Jamal

place %Jonus is "holding the defensive line."

place %Jamal is "holding the defensive line."

as %Jonus

.clash forearms with Jamal as the pair release a barbaric growl!!

pause 10

exit Jonus

exit Jamal

//THE CORE – No Man's Land

desc %here "

announceall %location "[The New Light Media Icons shrivel to the size of Soynuts as the hovercan glides upwards before descending rapidly into the center of the massive coliseum capturing the animosity between the opposing teams Proxies.] Don't get kinky with me, Todd. I thought I told you last was only one time and I was really


Enter Bauhaus

Enter Victor

Place %Bauhaus is "in the core, ready to rip each other limb from limb."

Place %Victor is "in the core, ready to rip each other limb from limb."

pause 5

announceall %location "The speakers boom, 'Maybe if you weren't such a wino I'd let you be Rigby every once in a while. We're minutes away from tip off, Ladies and Gentlemen. Stay sharp or you just might lose an appendage.'"

pause 5

exit Bauhaus

exit Victor

//Contagion Outer Rim – No Man's Land

desc %here "

announceall %location "[The screen blurs slightly as the frame rate

decreases; bringing about the conception of a slow motion montage of

the opposing team warping their movements to those of a B-Grade zombie

holo.] Behold the infected aberrations known only as THE VIRIISOMA


pause 5

enter Lin

enter Dirk

place %Lin is "holding the defensive line."

place %Dirk is "holding the defensive line."

as %Lin

.nod to Dirk and .lick my lips, "These one's look tasty." I .say with

a slight giggle.

pause 5

announceall %location "The speakers boom, 'They look meaner then the

case of electro-gonorrhea I caught at the Red Canary.'"

pause 5

announceall %location "Laughter echoes from the TV as one of the

announcers remarks, ''I thought they had personality, Seth...and if I

don't know about you but Lin Mei is kinda cute.''"

pause 10

exit Lin

announceall %location "[The screen swells with vivid digitally enhanced images of Dirk as he moves through the arena in slow-motion, capturing each flicker of his blond hair as it glides through the air as it pleases.] ''I'd rather take my chances with the Viking, Todd. Somehow he seems less likely to sever my vitals mid-climax.''

pause 5

exit Dirk

announceall %location "Static feedback emits from the speakers briefly

as one of the announcers remarks, ''I thought that cost extra.''"

pause 10

enter %Samson

place %Samson is “protecting the ViriiSoma Contagion Ball-Lock and just might be the Antichrist.”

announceall %location "[Digital bale fire rains down upon the arena as Samson comes into full view. He basks in the ''BoO's'' of the entire crowd save a few Jack Dracula's wannabe's caught in the third row groping their trust fund money.]

pause 10

as %Samson

.open my mouth wide, baring my long synthetic Fangz for all to see.

shout Eat shit and Die baselines!!

exit %Samson

Lots of guts, kill a goalie...clone the goalie, fracture a man's arm

off...Call him the Viking, KILLING SPREE, Ball detonates, Synth's Hate

Baselines...add some real emotion there. Holographic blood and guts

splatter on to the good "corporate" seats (pseudo gallagher),

Eventually setup desc's for announcers (Seth and Todd) Think Fantastic

Plastique AI. ROOMS! desc %here, Rooms to be made [SkyBox, Arena(Home

Ball Lock/Outer Rim, Home Mid Rim, Core, Visiting Mid Rim, Home Ball


_1/2 Time

Show The Viking, have him saw the arm off and replace with cybernetic

Orbital Steel

Its a god damn roman holiday.

What if the world ended with those guys in there?

They'd be the only one's left...

God damn...

Headed Flail.

// The SkyBox - Cut to Commercial

Reflections on the desensitivity of man disguised in usual banter, Do

You Want More?

Looks Excellent,

Rules are in Lore. See you in the streets, chummers.