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Bees: The Script
Buzz off.

As proposed in the below idea thread - I have written a script for bees. :-)

Idea Thread:

Script in Google Drive:

I code professionally but I'm new to this script system-

Since there's a chance for multiple beehives to propagate in a room, is there any system preventing multiple bees in the same room spamming the same script.

Overall, this would likely have to come in with the suggested skeletonization system. The swarm should be allowed to run its course and disperse naturally eventually.

I was thinking about something similar to this that kind of builds off of corpse degredation being interesting (and profitable?) that I might post when I get more comfy with this system. "Sindome Farming Simulator: Just add corpse!"

I may have posted this to the wrong thread by mistake. Also, not sure if I should this to a new thread in ideas, or keep it here in scripting. Please i inform me on it!



Enviro suits and toxin binders to protect yourself.

VS actively protects these from "poachers".

Third parties pose a risk to their monopoly on the product, and it gives VS scientists/security a reason to go to the Badlands to protect/collect company interests.

Other animals sometimes congregate around hives for that tasty honey. It isn't poisonous to them. Badlands poo-bear anyone?

Experiments on mixers for venom uses/development.

Smoke grenades.

Anti-venom for various animal bites.

Wait, I just saw it moved to ideas. So sorry. Please remove these.