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Lodging in Withmore

Staying overnight in Withmore can be a very pleasant or very painful experience depending on where you are and how much chyen you've got to spend. Always know where you're going to put your head at night.

The Sindome world is persistent. Unlike a lot of other games, your character doesn't disappear when you disconnect. This makes finding a safe place to sleep very important.

Shacks, Shanties and Hideaways

At the very bottom of the list is a basic shelter. We're talking about makeshift places like shacks, hovels or holes that you can hold up in and get some sleep. You tend to find these places by luck and that's not necessarily the good kind of luck. Some of them, you'll be able to protect yourself by blockading the entrance with debris or rocks. Enough so you're fairly certain no one will come and kidnap you in your sleep. Don't press your luck unless you're down and out.

Sleeping Coffins

Short on chyen? Too busy to commute back to your lush condo in the Green sector? Fear not, Citizen! Habitat-X offers spacious bed-size sleeping pods equipped with a state-of-the-art video system showing the best in New Light Media content 24/7. With secure locking, you don't even have to worry about being kidnapped in the middle of your cat nap.

Withmore City is proud to offer new citizens gratis accommodations for the first two weeks they're within our fine city. You'll find these just off the courtyard after immigrating through the city gates. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity when you're new and save your money for more important concerns.

Cube Hotels

Tired of having to leave the privacy of your coffin in order to take a leak? Want to stretch out and can't because you'll bang your knuckles? Habitat-X rents cube rooms on a nightly basis. Providing much more room than a sleeping coffin, your cube room comes equipped with a compact shower/toilet unit for sanitary needs, a comfortable single-width bed and even an integrated fish tank. Configure your room at the push of a button with each cube's control panel. Some units even come with tintable windows providing wonderful views of our grand city.

Living in the mix? No problem! The New Rose Hotel offers similar accommodations for a fraction of the price. Just be sure not to forget your cube code or you'll have to pester the old man who runs the place and he's a bit of a pain in the ass.

Note: Check out is automatic. Your cube can be rented to someone else even if you're still in the room after checkout time. Make sure you take all your belongings with you.


Apartment complexes like Westinghaus, Krakeon and Viesques Place can be found across the Red and Green sectors. Amenities can vary, but they might include in-unit plumbing, fire suppression, decoration services and security upgrades. These affordable locations tend to be rentable on a weekly basis and are generally managed by an on-site representative. As with most things, affordable tends to be a relative word when it comes to apartment living in Withmore City.

There tends to be a grace period when your apartment rent lapses. During this time, you won't be able to access your unit and the contents it holds until you make good on the payment. After a period of time, the representative will collect your belongings and store them. Upon your return, should you want your belongs back, you'll need to work it out with the representative.

Tip: Not all apartments are in large complexes. A network of single unit locations can be found across the city. These are still maintained by businesses, the rent tends to be less consistent, but you likely don't have neighbors and the nuisance they tend to bring.

Upscale Living

While the apartments available in the Green sector tend to be very nice, those with even more chyen to spend can live a very luxurious life. Private elevators, panoramic views, security guards and defenses, even jacuzzis are possible at these locations. Several exclusive buildings feature aerodyne hangar bays without an affordance for ground transport at all. Price tends not to be an object with such places and very few mixers will ever step foot inside these.

If you're fortunate enough to both work for a corporation with a significant presence and warrant their protection, you might find yourself given a suite in one of these locations. Many of us are left but to dream.

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PORT: 5555

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