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Style over Substance

As a text-based game, the naming and descriptions of things are obviously going to be very important. In cyberpunk, your style is every bit as important as your substance. Sindome's Appearance System provides you with a number of description layers encompassing your character's body, clothing, visible cyberware, tattoos, and more so that you can craft exactly the sort of cyberpunk you want to play.

Short Description

At the very beginning, before the description even starts, you will encounter what's known as the Short Description. The short description is a short phrase that gives only the most immediately noticeable facts about the character: a gender term (e.g. dude, woman, bloke), something noticeable that they're wearing or holding (like a gun) and even what they smell like (money). The catch, of course, is that you only control the gendered term (@shortdesc change), everything else is calculated by the game as you wear things, raise stats and hold certain kinds of items.

Netikerty (attractive chick wearing a Spirit Wear A-line dress)

Broad Description

Just below your character's name, the first paragraph is the Broad Description. This element is free-form and controlled via @describe me as "..." at any time. This is where you describe their general height (but not exact, people's eyes aren't tape measures), their build and overall shape. This section isn't generally more than two sentences and it never contains details.

This woman is towering, reaching heads and shoulders above many, is definitely nearing the middle between six and seven feet tall. She's got a small bust, wide hips, and a shapely butt, which lends her the shape of a vase, and she's somewhere in the late teen, early twenties.

Body Paragraphs

Your character's body is defined by 22 body locations from your head to your left foot (and the right one too). These get grouped into three paragraphs: head, torso, legs & groin. Several different systems can affect how each body location appears.


If the body location isn't covered by clothing, then the @naked message shows through. If certain body parts aren't covered, your short description will reflect your level of nudity accordingly and society will tend to react negatively. You're not required to define a message for every body location, but we do ask that you utilize the @nakeds to describe any details about your body.

Netikerty's eyes are thin and almond-shaped, noticeably wider than they are tall. Her eyelids feature short, thick lashes made more prominent by expertly done mascara, not a clump in sight. They are framed by well manicured, exotic eyebrows. Her left eye is a marble color while the right eye is mostly rust red, save for a sliver of grey at the top left. Both of her eyes are surrounded by a dusting of blue black eyeshadow, giving them a more angular and sophisticated appearance. Both of her ears have a standard shape, save for the snugs which are just a little larger than the norm. Her left snug is pierced and embedded with a shining silver ring. Each of her lobule's are pierced as well, and are set with simple metal studs capped with smoky black gemstones. Set into her aquiline nose is a metal stud while her and high, sculpted cheekbones are adorned in a soft blush help to lighten her complexion. Her pearlique lips are glazed with a glossy, but subtle pink lipstick that holds so naturally in place that it may be her natural color anyway.


Artists can specialize in tattoo art, applying colorful ink to a character's skin. Many works get quite detailed and people love to show them off. Of course, tattoos aren't quite as permanent in the future, so if you do change your mind, you've got a way out. Commit enough heinous crimes and earn the mark of the banished before you get cast out into the badlands.

Looking like a toddlers creative mess, a beautifully colored tattoo covers her back. Stylized to look like water coloring, vivid colors are inked in place in little smatters, round blots, and leaking trails. Vivid reds, bold cyans, warm tangerines, bright yellows, and luscious purples are the main sight to see, though little blips of pastel pink and splatters of inky black make an appearance near the outskirts, especially near her shoulders, like the colors were flicked onto her skin straight from a brush. In the midst of all the simulated paint lies a large serpent that is consuming its own tell. One thick black line, painted on like a brush, composes its body, while the tail itself is thin where the brush would have been tugged away from her body Hungry eyes, formed from a void of color, and an angular mouth with pointy little teeth make the serpent have an angrier appearance than the childlike coloring. Tiny little blots of black drip down from the serpent, as if it was applied too wet. The detail on everything is lifelike and stunning, and only the fact that it lasts from day to day, unchanging, proves that it would be safe to touch without smearing.


Doctor implanted cybernetics like the skillsoft chip socket and cybernetic eyes will surface in the appropriate body location if left uncovered. Custom nanogenic compounds carefully crafted by biosculpting specialists mutate your flesh in ways mother nature didn't. Opt for a nanogenic Dermalweave and have your skin grow thick and scaly with armor.

Johnny's right eye glows with a neon red light. A small chip socket with no skillsofts slotted sits behind his left ear. A cone shaped socket behind his right ear shimmers as the light catches millions of tiny contact points.


They say "clothes make the man". Fashionable brands for business attire, outerwear, jewelry, lingerie and everything else can be found in the malls and outlet stores around town. Custom tailored clothing is a thriving industry among those who call Withmore City home. A variety of fabrics including programmable multimedia material let tailors make valuable one-of-a-kinds.

Get caught up in combat and the blood of your enemies will splatter on your clothing. Run through the sewers and come out covered in it and smelling like it! You can try and wash it out, but some parts of the city have terrible water pressure and are bad at getting out stubborn stains.

Netikerty wears a pair of bikini bottoms that has a two-toned dye job. Inch wide bands, dyed a vibrant ruby red, wrap around her hips. They connect to a black panel that barely covers her privates, while the backside teases glimpses of her butt. Both sections of the garment are mottled with tiny yellow dots, ranging from goldenrod to canary. The stretchy synthetic cotton fits her like a glove, showing off her assets in a way that won't get her arrested, but at the same time is rather revealing. The pair of 'DNA' mottled-style bikini bottoms is quite sodden and dripping slowly. Her thighs have a decent build, built bigger to support her hips. They hold more muscle than the rest of her body, and her skin is wound tight over them, creating a smooth, sleek look. They look capable of carrying a load that her body doesn't amount to, though they do not look overly strong. Her legs, though lacking in muscle, hold a shape to them that could invoke the thought of a model's. They are long, slender, and go on for ages, accounting for the majority of her towering height. Each of her feet are fairly normal in size, a bit larger than the average woman's feet. Her toes are entirely even on each foot, with her big toe being the largest and each other one getting smaller in sequence.

Medical Conditions

Finally, general medical conditions are the last section of someone's appearance. This is where you'll see physical health, exhaustion, fatigue recovery, signs of drug withdrawals, sickness, mutations and general cleanliness.

Netikerty is in excellent condition, is physically very well rested and recovering moderately. She is a little dusty.
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