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Dining in the Dome

Culinary Spelunking in the Mix

The primary cuisine of the Red Sector belongs to the several chain restaurants and brand named packaged soy foods. Some of the more popular chains include Bitchn' Chickn' and Tony's Pizzeria.

Bitchn' Chickn' offers a variety of imitation chicken sandwiches to include BBQ, Cajun and the original 'Chickn' flavored sandwich, all of which go great with a carton of Bitchn' Fries.

The fiercest competitor for Bitchn' Chickn' on Red Sector would be none other than Tony's Pizzeria with their many delectable Italian inspired offerings, including calzone and pepperoni, sausage or cheese topped pizzas. A typical patron can be found washing down these mouthwatering delicacies with a cup of Tony's Crystalfiz Soda.

Soy-based meat substitutes dominate the cuisine as it is easily produced in large quantities to feed the sixty-million hungry mouths that populate Red. However, in the more seedier parts of Red Central District, the locals have thrived on using local wildlife in their dishes. Should one choose to brave the dangers of Bansupuro Park you might seek out the popular Rat Stew or Rat-Kebab for those seeking a crispier rat meat experience. If rat meat isn't your thing the famed Deep-Fried Baby Mice come very highly recommended. Of course, no good meal from Bansupuro Park is complete without the local Roach Broth to wash everything down.

If street food is more for your liking then why not check out a couple of the many food carts plotted around the red sector. The more well known of the food carts being Mr Basurero on North Fallout and Berretta Way and his lovely selection of tacos, burritos and empanadas which can be washed down with a lovely horchata. If Hispanic doesn't tickle your fancy then why not try some Chinese with Mr Kim on South Fallout and Ashlin who serves a selection of Crispy Rat Egg Rolls, Dogmeat Dumplings, Spicy Chik'n Pad Thai, Kitten Kebab and Kung Pao Chik'n or some Japanese on Klobb Street with Jiro who can serve you some Katsudon, Ramen, Takoyaki, Buns and Bulgogi. Perhaps you'd prefer some Russian specialities from Venichka down by 100 Rads where you can order some Chebureki, Blintz, Piroshki, Sausage or a Shawarma Wrap.

It is often rumored that the chains of Red Sector have turned to importing unknown quantities of rat and dog meat in an attempt to meet demand.

If the home-cooked delicacies of Bansupuro Park or the piping hot Chain Restaurant foods are not your style you could stop by any of the local Red Sector convenience stores and pick up a package of the popular Soy-A-Nuts. Available in Atomic Salsa, Fiesty Nacho, Mustard, Vinegar, and BBQ flavors -- they go great when washed down with the unique Licorice flavored Ebola-Cola. Standard soy-based energy bars are also handy when you need a quick pick me up.

If you're still not feeling the urge to consume the many offerings on Red, head on over to one of the many local bars for a taste of their speciality drinks. Bring your lady friend to the Carnal Desires for a Cinnamon Kiss, or takes the guys out on Fuller Street and stop by the Black Drome for a Suicide Bomber or the famed Withmore Car Bomb. Perhaps this culinary tour has tested your limits, dodging bullets and avoiding angry gangers. Consider making a stop at the 100 Rads Bar for a Brain Scorcher and forget any of it ever happened to you.

For those of you that don't require a drink with a fancy name try a multitude of classic spirits, including; brandy, vodka, tequila, whiskey, margaritas, scotch, rum, red or white wine, beer, lager, Guinness, brandy, moonshine, crimson death, depth charge, or if you dare, filling a canteen from a sink.

Business Class Dining

Whether you're taking a break from your exhausting desk job or out for a night on the town Gold Sector provides a myriad of culinary wonders to make juggling your busy schedule a treat.

You'll likely find the employees of New Light Media enjoying lunch or dinner at their distinguished corporate cafe. The Soylent Cafe is just one stop of many on this trip through the exciting culinary treasures of the Gold Sector. It offers a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, rolls and bagels. The mouth-watering sandwich selection includes the Italian Submarine, Tofu Delight Sandwich, Cuban Roll, Dagwood Hoagie, Turkey Club Sandwich, Banh Mi Pork, Tofu or Combo Baguettes, Beef Bauru Sandwich, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Beef Torta Roll, Chick'n Salad Submarine, Chorizo Special Roll and the Gyro Roll.

If it's too early in the morning for a stacked sandwich consider starting your day with one of their bagels, including the Egg, Onion, Cinnamon Raisin, or the Everything Bagel.

Avoiding heavy carbs? The Soylent Cafe has an excellent array of salad choices, such as the Chefs, Cobb, Chinese Chicken, Greek, Ambrosia, and Fruit Salads.

Sandwiches, Bagels and Salad not quite what your day needs right now? Head on over to the Soup's On for their mouthwatering selection of noodle dishes, featuring the Chicken Chow-mein, Tofu Chow-mein, Shanghai Street Noodles, and the Japchae Glass Noodles.

The menu for Soup's On doesn't stop at the noodles however, enjoy a lovely selection of rice dishes, like the Sesame Chicken and Rice, Lemon Tofu and Rice, Sweet Shrimp and Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Healthy Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice, Teriyaki Chicken and Rice.

Not an employee of New Light Media or just looking to get out of the office for lunch? Head on over to the Sing-a-Rong at Saedor Krupp Tower for their wide-ranging selection of food and drink. The menu sports American classics like French Fries and the homemade Slice of Pie. If you're feeling more worldly consider ordering the Tofu Delight Sandwich, Plate of Yakisoba, Chicken Teriyaki, Sake Nigiri Sushi, Smoked Sake Nigiri Sushi, Sake Sashimi, Smoked Sake Sashimi, or settle for an energy boost with the Soy Energy Bar. Does your company have a two-drink maximum during work hours? Consider washing down your meal with the Champagne, Red or White Wine, Shot of Whiskey, Lager, Osakasama Beer, Pint of Guinness, Cold or Warm Ishji Sake or a Martini.

If you're a smoker and enjoy Pulse Lights and Persian Gold brand products, on your way out, consider picking up a pack of Persian Gold Cigarettes or a Pulse Lights Cigar. And of course, don't forget to light up your tobacco treat with a Ruby or Emerald Flarelighter.

If corporate towers are not your preferred dining locale or you're just a weary traveller getting on or off their flight at the NeoTrans Shuttleport, consider stopping in at the Cafe Bizou for some fine Japanese dining. Their generous menu offers many delectable sushi and sashimi plates such as the Inari Sushi or the Sake, Saba, Hamachi, Maguro, Unagi, Ebi or Tamago Nigiri Sushi. If you're not feeling all that hungry for their plentiful seafood offerings you can enjoy a premium selection of beverages including Scotch, Lager, a Pint of Beer, Shot of Whiskey, Rum, Depth Charge, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha, and a cup of Columbian Supremo Coffee.

You can also restock your supply of Pulse Lights smoking products from their selection of Pulse Lights cigarettes, Cigarillos and the Pulse Lights Cigar. If you're just looking for a souvenir to bring back from Withmore City make sure to pick up a charming Withmore City Snow Dome.

When night falls in Withmore City the best place to be for specialty drinks and some of the best entertainment around is Juicy Vee's Korova Milk Bar. Drop in for one of their many special drug-laced milk beverages such as the Vendetta, Marcy, Dizzy, Lazy, Easy or NAughty Moloko. Each Moloko beverage sporting a unique drug. If drug-laced drinks aren't your cup of tea, feel free to indulge in a Pint of Guinness, Brandy, White Wine, Cold Ishji Sake or if you're feeling hungry a fresh plate of Vat Sushi.

Suburban Treats

Whether you're on your way home from a busy day at the office or simply out and about shopping at Cordoba Mallplex, consider stopping in at Rosa's Italian Restaurant at Krakeon Apartments on Green Sector. Their humble menu consists of many Italian classics such as Ravioli or a saucy Bowl of Spaghetti as well as popular comfort foods like their Hamburger and Slice of Pie. If you can't get enough of the multitude of Asian cuisine featured amongst countless menus throughout the Dome, Rosa's Italian Restaurant has got you covered with their Yakisoba, Bowl of Noodles, Vat Sushi and Chicken Teriyaki. You can wash down these home-cooked delicacies with Rosa's Italian Soda, Blue Mountain Coffee, Iced Cappuccino, or the Iced Mochaccino for the chocolate-lover in you.

On a liquid diet or just looking to kick back and relax? Located just across the street from Rosa's Italian Restaurant and just through the Wooden Box tobacco shop, Grunen's Tavern is a Green Sector hide-away that any connoisseur of fine liquors could appreciate. They have all the classics and then some at Grunen's, including Scotch, Lager, Pint of Beer, Shot of Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Depth Charge, Pint of Guinness, Osakasama Beer, Red Wine, Champagne, Martini, Margarita and Whiskey Sour as well as an assorted offering of Persian Gold and Pulse light tobacco products.

If your budget is bigger than ours or you've just got money to blow, rumor has it there is a very high-end restaurant that caters to Withmore's highest of society located within their high-security corporate homestead, Blue Sector. Sources say it might be one of the very few places under the Dome to get authentic high-quality beef and other nature-bred rarities. If you're rich or lucky enough to patronize the fantastical sounding establishment, enjoy it for the rest of us.

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