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Sinn Street

Sinn Street runs east to west across the north of the central district of the Red Sector. It's not known if the nature of the business on that street took from its name or if the street was renamed to fit the business on it.

Several strip clubs and prostitution houses fill the establishments of the street, the most prominent being the Red Canary and The Orifice. Other businesses run on the street namely the well-known dance club Carnal Desires, The Phallus Palace, Kro's used car lot, and what was once the Bansupuro Park.

In between the crossings of Sinn Street with Knife Street and Lamb\s Wake Drive, there's the access street to the northern district of the Red Sector, leading to the Withmore Clothing Depot and the sleeping coffins at first instance and a few miles further into the main city gates.

Citizens of Withmore are advised that the gang known as the Sinners claims Sinn Street as its turf!

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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