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Secure Identification Chip

The SIC is a technology used by Withmore City to both monitor the citizens and let them communicate with each other. Implanted by Immigration Control upon a citizen's entrance to the city, it allows them to communicate publicly or privately with everyone inside the city. The implant, a tiny microchip implanted near the C3 vertebra at the base of the neck, transmits chosen thoughts through the SIC network. The implant can store a limited amount of information, such as your network alias, a brief message, and several encryption keys.

The SIC network is maintained by New Light Media, and is subsidized by the city through the Withmore City Services agency. Certain uses of the SIC network, such as private messaging and encrypted messaging will incur a charge that must be paid after a certain amount. When first used these features will prompt the user to agree to the costs.


Due to poor coverage, areas of Red Sector are plunged into SIC dead-zones on a routine basis. To prevent this, the SHI wireless amplifier device can be purchased and installed with the proper tools and training. For security reasons or to allow for mental quiet, the SHI wireless deamplifier device can be installed to create a permanent SIC coverage dead-zone. Both devices have a range limited to one room.

There is no SIC coverage outside the walls of Withmore City

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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