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SK Biomechanical

The SK line of Biomechanical organisms was developed by the Saedor Krupp corporation in 2073. Saedor Krupp researchers used brain-dead human bodies as experimental subjects and, later on, to produce the initial and only line of 250 biomechanicals.

Test Subjects

All of the test subjects were brain-dead human males and females. Most were from poor families that could not afford clones. Saedor Krupp, offered the families a way to get their loved ones back by paying the cloning costs if the families would sign the brain-dead body over to the corporation after the cloning was successful.

Brain Mapping and Body Transformation

The brains of the test subjects, which were all partially damaged due to irreversible (at the time) trauma were repaired and overwritten in places with Saedor Krupp programming. The bodies were reconstructed with mechanical parts, leaving the body with just as much machine as man. The parts were integrated with the mind itself, due to the programming the scientists created and downloaded into the modified minds of the test subjects.

Due to the extensive modification to the brain tissue and mapping process, the scientists were able to download new skills into the minds of the Biomechanicals, thus allowing them to function as Doctors, Chefs, Whores, and any other profession that a client deemed necessary.

Initial Line

The initial and only line of 250 biomechanicals was released in 2075. They were not for sale, instead, Saedor Krupp set them up with jobs in various fields. They used the initial line as a second round of testing, this one in the real world. The biomechanicals were considered machines in human bodies and were not sentient at the time they were released into the world.


Over time some of biomechanicals gained sentience, which led to the eventual shutdown of the project.


The project was shutdown in 2090. Most of the remaining SK\'s were shutdown and put in storage though a handful were allowed to remain in the world so that further observation could be done. IE: Effects of aging, physical and emotional growth.


Many have tried to restart the project with various end goals in line, but all have failed due to the incredible costs associated with producing a single SK. The project may be revived in the future as a military project.


The SK line of Biomechanicals biggest strength was the ability for large amounts of data to be downloaded into their minds. Since the bodies came from fully developed human adults, the minds were very powerful. With the technology at hand to overwrite unimportant parts of the mind such as the memory centers, new skills were able to be downloaded with ease.

Saedor Krupp hoped to find a market for those looking for something more than a human servant but not willing to put their needs in the hands of a machine.


The ability to become sentient with enough outside exposure was the biggest weakness of the SK line and led to the project being shutdown. Due to their mechanical nature, it is impossible to clone a Biomechanical.


The impact of the SK Biomechanical project is still being felt today. Several major cybernetic breakthroughs would not have been possible without the research and innovation done on the Biomechanical line.

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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