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Psychophysical Disassociation Syndrome

A mental and physical condition caused in part by the strain of the body interfacing with too much cyberware. Generally, the more complex the piece of technology, or the more powerful the effect on the body (e.g. a massive increase in muscle mass), the more mental and physical strain is put on the body.

Symptoms include:

  • Sense of superiority
  • Loss of affect
  • Feelings of invulnerability
  • Obsessive-compulsive tendencies
  • Antisocial behavior
  • Irritability and aggressiveness
  • Lack of remorse

While sharing many symptoms with classic schizoid personality disorder as well as an antisocial personality disorder, it is differentiated in part by the fact that it is brought on specifically by the body's somatic reaction to the implantation of cyberware. Thus, maintaining physical well-being and health goes a long way toward eliminating its effects.


There's no cure other than the removal of cyberware or intensive health and body training to endure the effects of PDS. The only known symptomatic treatment is to give the patient regular doses of Endoprine.

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