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Help for 'substats'


Each stat has at least one sub stat. Most have two sub stats. When you raise a specific stat (@assign ue) using unassigned experience points (UE), the game randomly picks a sub stat to assign the experience point to. Each sub stat represents a subset of the things an overall stat might enable you to do.

You cannot see the raw numbers for your stats, nor can you see the details of your points in a specific sub stat. You will only see a 'stat level name' representing your overall stat level. You can view these with '@stats'. Typically sub stats end up being pretty even, though the slight bit of randomness in which sub stat gets raised when you assign your UE each time allows for a bit of randomness to be added to the game.

Two characters who have raised the exact same stats and skills the exact same amount, will still be slightly different.


* When we utilize a sub stat in a roll, we use that sub stat directly.
* When we utilize a stat without checking a specific sub stat, we take the total of both sub stats and divide it by 2.


For example: Perception has two sub stats, one for 'AWARENESS' and one for 'OUTLOOK'. These two sub stats can be rolled independently of each other for a specific skill roll. For instance, when looking for hidden people or objects, 'AWARENESS' might be rolled instead of the over all PERCEPTION stat.

help stats
help using stats
help improving stats
help @stats
help @assign
help ue
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