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Help for 'socials'

Syntax: @socials - view all shortcut social emotes

Each social is completed using a default adverb (e.g. casually), but you can customize your socials by configuring what adverb is used when you type each social command by itself (or targeting someone) and also use a different adverb each time you use a social command.

@social adverbs             - view example adverbs
@social preferences [prefs] - view examples of your custom socials

@social is - setup your preferred when typing
@social is default - use the default adverb when typing


Some socials are like emote/pose shortcuts to RP you have already done, or know the intended outcome of. So it is important that we use these socials carefully.

Unless you are very confident that another character will let your character kiss or hug them, you probably shouldn't use the ckiss, french, hug, huggle or kiss socials on them. Unless you are sure that a character would react to a goosing by "jumping out of surprise," you probably shouldn't use goose on them.

This is because some socials assume that the targeted character will react in a certain way. A way they might not feel fits their character. Like letting your character kiss them. Unless you know that a character would welcome such a social, it is better use an open ended pose or emote instead. Something like ".lean in to kiss CHARACTER on their cheek." This way you let the other character response as they see fit.

If you use such a social and the other player asks you to not use it on them again, please respect the request.

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help speaking
*Last Updated: 04/02/19 by Mobius*
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