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Help for 'skills'

Your skills can be broken down into a few main categories: Science Skills,
Reflex Skills, Subterfuge Skills and Combat Skills. Additionally,
Science Skills can be broken down further into Life Sciences, Engineering
and Computer Science.

Help is available on all of the following:

Life Science      - Artistry, Bio Tech, Chemical, Forensics, Medical
Engineering       - Aero Tech, Auto Tech, Electro Tech, Munitions, Secure Tech
Computer Science - Cracking, Systems, Programming, Trading

Reflex Skills    - Driving, Piloting, Rigging
Subterfuge Skills - Stealth, Thievery, Disguise, Dodge
Combat Skills    - Brawling, Martial Arts, Melee, Short Blade, Long Blade,
                   Pistol, Sub-Machine Gun, Rifle, Heavy Weapon, Explosives

Stats and skills work together. Each skill check which the game rolls for you involves at least one specific stat or sub-stat.


The skill level name is a general guide to where you are at in the progression of that skill. All skill levels are ordered from U to A. The first letter of the skill level defines the rank of that skill with U being the lowest and A being the highest.

It is good to note that levels U-R are considered 'Bad', Q-N are considered 'Below Average', M-J are considered 'Above Average', I-F are considered 'Good' and E-A are considered 'Really Good'.

U T S R <-- Bad
Q P O N <-- Below Average
M L K J <-- Above Average
I H G F <-- Good
E D C B A <-- Really Good

See also:
help stats
*Last Updated: 08/11/20 by Mench*
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