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Help for 'pose'


Pose is a very difficult topic if you are not already familiar with it. It's similar to 'emote' but it does more, including automatically address any valid player names you use in the pose. For an interactive tutorial, you can use '@tutorial'.


If you are learning and want to turn on an 'echo' of your pose as seen by others in the room, you can use '@options pose' to turn the echo on and off. It is off by default. This can help you practice and become aware of issues with your posing.


Before we get into the details of pose, it's important to note that only the first two quoted strings in a pose will work. If you include three quotes strings in a pose, you will see it correctly, but others will see the second quoted string duplicated as the third, fourth, etc.

So do not do this:

grin, "Sup?" before saying, "How're you?" before saying, "I'm well."

Include a MAX of two quoted strings per pose.


Enter your pose as if you were typing in a first-person voice.

-- Pose recognizes the following:

Names    -- Exact matches on the aliases of gendered objects in the room.
Pronouns -- Pronouns will match for the last player mentioned.

Additional verbs you wish conjugated to your gender should be prefixed with a period.

-- For example:

   .kick chuck, bruising him on his shin as I .laugh madly.
You   -> You kick chuck, bruising him on his shin as you laugh madly.
Chuck -> Quinn kicks you, bruising you on your shin as he laughs madly.
Room -> Quinn kicks Chuck, bruising him on his shin as he laughs madly.
'.kick chuck, bruising chuck on chuck's shin...' would produce the same, except 'him' would translate to 'chuck', since a literal name was specified.

As evident above, antecedent identification is rather simple right now.

-- When using verbs ending with "sh", "ch" and "tch", you will have to add an "e" at the end for the pose to look correct to everyone else.

".watch Jimmy closely." results in "Player watchs you closely."

".watche Jimmy closely." results in "Player watches you closely."


When posing you can put a period in front of any words that should show up to you as first-person and others as third person, for example:

look around and .grin.

You See: You look around and grin.
They See: Joe looks around and grins.

The . will add the s on the end of words that you specify.

-- Special subs:
/all /everybody /everyone -> Produces a list of every $player in the room when used in a pose.

Example: Bob, Jack, James and Susan are in the room.

".nod to /all" would result in "Mr A nods to Bob, Jack, James and Susan."

help emote
help speaking
Pose workshop log:
*Last Updated: 09/11/21 by Mench*
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