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Help for 'performance'

Syntax:   improv                - Play without any piece; more difficult.
          play on       - Begin a composed performance.
          compose with - Write a new pre-composed piece and memorize it.
          forget from - Completely forget a pre-composed piece.
          playlist              - Recall all pre-composed pieces for this instrument.

Instrument Syntax:
          =                           - Improvises a performance section, still proc-ing instrument bonuses.
          =stop                            - Stops an ongoing performance, same as walking away.
          =next                            - Plays the next section in an ongoing performance.


Are the meat and potatoes of any entertainment character. Much like bards in other games, performers and entertainers grant mechanical boons to audiences as they are moved, relaxed, and entertained by a performance.

The strength of this bonus, how long the bonus will last, and how long a listener has to remain in an area to receive the bonus are all dependent on the performer's skill and ability. The type of bonus is based on the performer's instrument.

All instruments and performances reduce listener fatigue (assuming the performer is good), energizing and amplifying audiences.


In addition to mechanical effects, bars and stages have ambient crowd reacts that respond to the skill of the performer, to give some hint of the quality of their performance. Special prompts, messages, and ambience will happen in an on-going performance that should be reacted to in character and played to as they come. Additionally, you may receive prompts now and then that let you know how you think you're doing, and it's recommended to use this to prompt for your roleplay. Your character's internal view of how they are doing and the crowd reactions MAY NOT ALIGN. That could be because your character is not as good as they think they are. Roleplay accordingly.


All performers benefit from composing their pieces before a show. An artist may only have a certain number of performances memorized, which is dependent on their stats. Composing a piece will also enable the player to save written performances and make them easier to replay in the future.

When asked to enter input into a composition, you should use the pose format to write each pose like you would be if you were planning the performance beforehand. You will have a chance to validate your input before saving.


When playing in a band, nothing different has to happen. It is recommend to use different compositions for each player so they all have a different part to play, and poses can be staggered as desired using the =next command.

help fatigue
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