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Help for 'drive'


Driving around Withmore City can be fun, but remember that it takes skill to drive without crashing, especially if you want to go anywhere fast. The more damage your vehicle takes, the harder its going to be to control. If you damage the wrong part, you might find it more dramatically affects your inability to control your vehicle too. And of course, the quality of the parts will affect your ability to drive further and faster than those who might be chasing you, as you can overheat things and do damage just from letting things get too hot.

Vehicles take time to build up speed, so regardless of how fast you want to go, every room you travel will bring you closer to the max speed you've defined with accel/brake.

enter       - enter a vehicle's primary (front) room
board       - climb into/onto the back of a multi-room vehicle
                         (note: some vehicles do not have back seats)
exit                - leave the vehicle you're in
control             - move into the driver's seat, if its vacant
                         (note: first person who enters automatically becomes the driver)
uncontrol            - give up the driver's seat

start/shutoff       - As driver, control whether the engine of the vehicle is running
accel/brake          - Going faster will get you there sooner, but slower is safer
drive    - As driver, drive your car around.
                         (note: You can move through many rooms with a single command,
                               by adding the directions to the command, similar to how
                               go works. -- E.g drive e e e e n w w w w s)
stop driving         - While in motion, abort the last drive command, stopping where you are

honk                - Honk the horn of the vehicle to communicate with other drivers.
blockade - Position vehicle in front of , blocking other ground vehicles
stop blockading      - stop your vehicle blockade, allowing others to pass
windows     - Raise or lower the powered windows of the vehicle you're in
vmote     - With the vehicle's windows down, emote to people outside it
peer       - Look at things outside your vehicle

auth           - As owner, let others (who are present) drive your vehicle
unauth        - As owner, remove from being able to drive your vehicle

force into - Attempt to force someone or something into a vehicle
eject                 - Attempt to force another occupant from the vehicle

help flying
help motorcycle
help vehicles
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