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What are..

Riggers? Are they similar to Shadowrun's depiction of Riggers? Do they fly drones, perhaps?
Find out IC! Best part about in game!
In general, if its a question on what a archetype/item/place/similar does, can do, will do, can say, etc, ask it in an IC manner
Riggers are less akin to Shadowrun riggers and more akin to patch-job mechanics. They share some familiarity with 'rigging' parts onto vehicles and making what are coined popularly as 'trash cars' - it's less of a primary 'profession' (but it definitely could be with the right roleplay) and more of a supporting skillset for mechanics.
You can search the boards here for riggers and find information.
There are drones, robots, etc in game. Shadowrun rigging of all kinds can apply, just find out more IC