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The Withmore Wake
Does it exist?

Anyone who talks in xooc will know of my newfound love for the Extra Credits history channel. Lately they've been covering the Irish Potato Famine (the "great" one). One of the things they mentioned in this episode was the "American Wake", where people mourned folks leaving Ireland to go to America. They knew they'd never see them again, so it was essentially them being dead to their family:

Also from this page:

"During the week before his leaving, the emigrant would make calls throughout the parish to inform his friends and neighbors of his intentions in every cabin cottage or farmhouse visited he would get a warm welcome and he would bestowed with blessings and good wishes, followed by questions about departure time and where in America he was headed. Between all this small talk was an invitation to the home of the emigrants parents on the night before he was going. Those invited were not obliged to attend but almost all did, just as they attended funerals. It was something like a point of honor and those absent without good reason would receive the same response when one of their own died or went to America. In those days people made very little difference between going to America and going to the grave."

With Withmore's grid system being limited as it is, it means people might not be able to contact the outside so easily. So does this mean there's a Withmore Wake tradition for immigrants who come to the dome?

I know this is silly lore but it's got me curious now. Thanks for considering my question.

I don't think it's silly lore.

For individuals of the lower class, I think immigrants headed to Withmore would have received some sort of wake. As you stated, because of the grid system, connectivity is all but non-existent. This, combined with the lower class probably never being able to afford any kind of travel expenses for a visit means once someone of the lower class leaves for Withmore, their friends and family probably won't ever see them again.

Also, considering the state immigrants usually arrive in Withmore, many probably do die on the way there... So one last celebration before sending them on their way sounds appropriate.

Honestly though, there should be more Wakes for people leaving Withmore. Stop fucking leaving and/or killing off your characters before we have a chance to throw you a party, jeeze =p

Definitely dig this in the SD context. Wakes have happened IC in the past. But it's gotta come from IC. We're still a growing community, so lore & traditions are still being formed.

One of the first things that drew me to the MOO/MUD/MUSH format and to SD was the chance to draw from old cultural references and put them into a futuristic context. Anything formed out of necessity, conflict, & the human condition.

Thanks for sharing, Supermarket.