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Pop Culture References?
new ones?

I noticed a few pop culture references in the game here and there, and mostly they are stuff from 20th and 21st century stuff. And that's cool, but Were in 2103 or 4 or whatever. We're missing 100 years of pop culture. I was just thinking this might be a cool place to come up with some to use in game? Movies and Music and cartoons? Stuff that would stick with people like our current pop culture does. Just a thought....
There's already been a lot of creative license in game with this sort of stuff.

People making up favorite movies, making up music genres, TV shows from outside of Withmore etc. It's mostly fleeting comments and passing references, but the culture is there, we've just got way bigger things to worry about in the world than remembering what Joe said on Cyberninja 4: Return of Baka Steve during scene 26 line 9.

I'd still love to hear some other folks' thoughts on this though.

It's been discussed for films before, here:

I'd be surprised if there isn't a similar thread about music genres and stuff. If not, maybe there should be? Would be nice to have an idea of what kind of names everyone thinks genres might have in 85 years, considering how much that's changed in the last 85 :)

But I think the general consensus is roughly what Ryuzaki said, make stuff up on the fly, reference stuff other people make up, etc.