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Irregular's Handbook
Have the planets aligned today?

I'm not really a "non-active" player, but with my timezone, I might as well be. Nevertheless, I've noticed that there's some slight differences on how to get RP done and generally not drive yourself insane when you're not often online, as opposed to people who are able to be online regularly. There have been some tips here and there that I've heard on OOC-Chat, but would anyone have anything to share on BGBB?
A good helping hand is a literal helping hand, in aligning yourself with someone who is online more than you and is willing to help you out. For me, I think it's important to try to be as helpful and as accommodating in creating and passing along communication with those close to my PC who can't always be online. Arranging meetings, etc, makes it a lot easier for people who aren't online to get the messages all the time to make the most of the limited playtime they do get.
To expand a little upon Crashdowns point of alignment. Working out those people who are around in your timezone most often and aligning yourself with them IC negavitively or positively will always give you and them someone to RP with.

While I suppose this could be considered a form a meta gaming, I very much hope it is not frowned upon, as it is for the positivity of the game world, the players and well everyone. We are all here to play.

I think it can be especially hard for those in europe, as prime server time is always going to be at unsocialable EU hours, and big plots tend to hit around those times for maximum player impact. Which is entirely expected and understandable, no complaint there.

Just try to seek out those you see consistantly around the same times as you. Not being around can spark RP as you seek out people to catch up on events, so try and turn a negative to a positive.

Don't know if you saw this.