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VR / AR Funding
CIA Venture Capitalists and the DOD, Oh My!

There are two aspects to this article that I think are relevant to Sindome.

The first is the unlimited funding that the government is able to come up with for questionably successful projects. It does not seem to matter whether the projects succeed or fail. As long as they are aligned with what the government is interested in, they receive funding. Corpies, take note. :)

The second is the ongoing evolution of VR and AR technology.

There is a quote in there from In-Q-Tel's quarterly publication. It always give me pause when it comes to light that these organizations are looking centuries into the future.

A perfect simulated reality that is indistinguishable from real life will ultimately take one of two forms: it will either manipulate real light and real matter, like the Star Trek Holodeck, or it will remove the “middleman” of wearable VR inputs and instead directly manipulate our perceptions through a machine-brain interface, like that envisioned in The Matrix.


We think these “perfect systems” may emerge within the next two centuries, and that the current state of the art provides a strong foundation to build upon.