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Religions and Technology

This is an interesting attempt to draw together current tech and social trends, and hypothesize about how they mind form future "religions".

There could definitely be some plot fodder in here.

I am a big fan of SD cyberware worship borg cults
I agree @Grizz

Eternalism is the obvious one that is already in game.

Cyberware worshipping would be another one that would likely rise to the level of a religion, including being extremely divisive.

If the Grid were more fleshed out with true datajack like interfaces, I could see that being another one. Specifically people who are so integrated with the Grid that they don't want to leave their connection and prefer the Grid to "real life".

I could see something around where people live, especially Blue and/or Green. A strong aversion to wanting to leave those sectors. And for those not in the sectors, a fetishization of anything associated with them. Sort of akin to how modern day Buddhists desire Nirvana, or Christians want Heaven.

PDS cult. Overchromed people worshipping some kind of steel god. I think this might already be a thing, or someone tried to make it a thing in the past. It may be more of a cult, though, since everyone would be on 'roid rage' from all the cybernetics, and they'd only really be 'friendly' toward other cybered up borgs.
That was just an idea in the top of my head. Would be nice if people tried to enforce this. Everyone wants to avoid PDS. But what if they didn't? ;)
I had an idea for a pds cult. I won't go into specifics, but it was gonna be a pretty funny rollout but I got majorly distracted against it because I could only find one other player even entertaining the idea. It probably wouldn't fit well because like how drugs were, if the negative outweighs the advantage, nobody is gonna bother.

Imagine yourself, chromed to the bone. With each new implant you become closer to your techno dirty. Humanity is a dirty skin you have to work to shed. Become the machine. Free yourselves from the ancient constructs of "proper places to use the bathroom ", or who you can and cannot kill on a whim. Who are these weak fleshies promoting policies to limit you? Your diety blessed you with the strength of ten of these chumps. You are the future. You can obtain ascension. - The high priest who only pretends to have PDS or cyberware and collects membership fees from his cyborg warriors who he coached to smash anyone questioning why he has a mix mansion

*grins mischieviously*