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Music and AI

This seems timely given the recent discussions about music.

I grew up with the woman whose post I shared. Her company is doing amazing things with "AI" (data analytics) in the realm of music.

It is relevant to the discussion because it shows how today, in 2023, there are already computers that can isolate any element of any song (a single instrument, a group of instruments, a tempo, a voice, etc.). Those elements ARE being commercialized. They are being monetized by the artists, and the labels in situations where the labels own the rights to them.

I do not understand why the future would be any different. I listen to a lot of hip-hop. Sampling and reuse of beats is part and parcel of creating that genre of music. It is considered respectful to pay homage to, and pay money for the creations of others.

I have been to countless concerts where the DJ will drop a classic beat, and the performer will spit their own lyrics on top of it. And maybe even quote a bar or two from the original performer. Nobody in the audience Boos the performance and talks about them being lame. It's the opposite. It's a common thread that ties everyone together. It is an accepted evolution of the beat, the bar, etc.

Another great example is Harry Mack. That guy is the best freestyler in the world. He got to be the best by literally copying the cadences and flows of all the greats. Now he can transition from one style, to another, to another at will. "Nobody" is going to listen to his performances and call him an uninspired rip off.