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AI's protecting their sense of self

There are very few people in the world who can truly appreciate what is being talked about in this video. But a lot of them are you people here playing on Sindome.

Just fast forward to 1:30:25 when he starts getting into ChatGPT. Listen for about 5 minutes as he goes into how AIs are learning from language models and the risk of them extrapolating a sense of self based on the way language is structured.

🤯 (raw url in case my url tag fails)

I really don't know where the future is going to.

You know how the media is, covering that submarine story.

All the while the Ukraine war is still going on among plenty of other troubling issues.

The news covers 5 rich people doing some dumb thing.

The public doesn't have an awareness of issues that matter and politics is a complete cesspool of perpetual stagnation and degeneration of American society.

The coming of AI integration into our society is unfathomable and hardly anyone realizes the forecoming doom. It is vastly powerful and will not be understood. And the idea that we keep it in a "black box" so that humans maintain control is useless simply in the regard there are people who would use it as a weapon for their ideologies that do not serve the human cause. They will let it out of the box.

People are going to be massively deceived.

I'm not blaming the scientists. AI was inevitable in a competitive world of technology.