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AI lawyer
Defense... FOR NOW

An AI has been assisting people with things like refund disputes and parking tickets. It was just approved to act in a traffic violation court case next month.

This is how the machine war will start! If defendants can have them, the opposite side will adopt them too, then you'll have robots fighting robots until they decide that our problems aren't their problems...

ChatGPT just passed a law school exam.

Not lawyers, but another situation where humans are pitting AIs against each other:

Only this time they're targeting an AI against another AI explicitly as an AI target.

I swear, shit like this is how the robots will decide the humans are the problem and go all Skynet.

I worked in electronic discovery from 2010-2021.

In that time we saw "AI" (machine learning) more or less completely replace "document review" attorneys. Those are the attorneys who review evidence after it is collected. They do thing like search for key words to determine if it is relevant. They also determine if it should be protected under various types of privilege (attorney / client, etc.)

I am not exaggerating when I say that those programs cost literally 10s of thousands of attorneys their jobs. Or if they didn't lose their jobs, they took substantial pay cuts and / or had to start practicing a different type of law.