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Is on its way..

The last time i tried to find this Comic, my local comic book store said they would have to order it. I thanked them and i guess just never went back, because that was almost a year ago.

But i was searching through old posts and found the "cool CP on da web" topic, and ended up at amazon looking at the Trans- list of the complete collection.

I decided to buy the graphic novel with the first 6 issues in it, instead of trying to find these comics individually. They have 10 volumes of these, going up to Issue #60 from what i can tell.

Anyways, Transmetropolitan Vol. 1: Back on the Street is on it's way.

Anyone still read these or a fan of these, considering that post was like 4 years ago?

[edit] Nope.....its looking like this is the first 3 issues, not 6. Stupid list.

(Edited by Sidd at 1:31 pm on July 28, 2005)

The trade paperbacks are definitely the way to go in my opinion. Once you read Back on the Street, you'll crave more Spider sense abuse.
I had the entire thing on my hd before I reformated. Apparently, my computer was on drugs.
Transmet is, quite simply, amazing. I probably re-read the series, in its entirety, around once a month, glancing through certain favorite sections more often than that. It's such great great stuff, I promise you'll enjoy it. :)

(Edited by Lotus at 8:45 pm on July 28, 2005)

could someone send me it?
Here you go. Its a cbr file (zipped in), so if you're using windows you'll need to download CDisplay otherwise linux will read it the filetype as an archive and you'll be able to access the jpegs on a one by one basis. If this annoys you, its easy enough to write up a little command and run it through console. As for you mac users...if you haven't downloaded X11. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. :cool:
Go buy the trade paperback when you can, so that more stuff like that gets produced.


Quote: from Iga on 2:37 pm on July 29, 2005[br]Go buy the trade paperback when you can, so that more stuff like that gets produced.



Jackie(ex-Lillith) and i were driving in downtown Denver today talking about how much we enjoy everything CP and how we feel there should be a much larger market for it.

But then again, there is a great deal of CP literature we haven't read yet, so we decided that's a bit demanding to require seconds before finishing our firsts.

That said, it will happen eventually...and when that day comes i want more CP culture!!

I downloaded the whole archive a while back and have read some of the first one (if I'm sitting here I'm more likely to be interacting with something rather than reading comics). I like what I see.

So, I did some research and found out that I can get these ordered in to my local bookshop for less than AU$20, which is much cheaper than I was anticipating (esp. considering the price of Sin City stuff down here). So I've sent off my order for Volume 1, and it should be here in a few weeks. Of course this is another purchase of culture over food, but it's worth it, right?

(Last purchase of culture over food: box set of Firefly for less than AU$30.)

(Edited by Chienne at 3:27 pm on July 31, 2005)

What's Firefly?

[edit] Never mind, i "fucking googled it."


(Edited by Sidd at 12:39 am on July 31, 2005)

HAH! he justfuckinggoogleit-ed himself!

...isn't that one of the first signs of madness?


Quote: from Johnny on 4:55 pm on July 28, 2005[br]The trade paperbacks are definitely the way to go in my opinion. Once you read Back on the Street, you'll crave more Spider sense abuse.

So, so true. I just finished reading Back on the Street, after getting it out of my mail box about a couple hours ago.

It's freakishly awesome. Im also seeing ties to IC SD and where you guys were gathering influence and ideas from. I wont mention details considered to be in-character.

Now it just sucks, because my local comic book store doesn't carry these and now im stuck waiting til i have money to order the other volumes and then wait some more for Priority Mail to get it to my house.

spider fucking rules.

I'm learning the same damn thing about Sandman right now.
Mmmm... I'm going to miss my sisters sandman collection. And her Hellblazer...and...shit, she owned the Transmet as well! Damn...

Hrm.  Speaking of Transmetropolitan, here's a little ditty done as a web-based promo for the series.

Also, straight off of Warrren Ellis's blog is a link to, an online store with a large selection of nifty comics, including Transmetropolitan.  Much of Khepri's stock can be purchased at discount and wholesale pricing, usually a couple of bucks lower than the face value of the comics.  I would suggest purchasing anything by Brian G. Wood as well  (Channel Zero, or The Couriers, for instance.)

Just a few chyen in the bucket.


(Last purchase of culture over food: box set of Firefly for less than AU$30.)

Hot damn! Im so thankful you included that little anectode that sparked my now a full fledged Browncoat!

And just in time for the move, ahhhhhh.......

Im on my second time through the box set, and i've also ordered and read issue #1 of the serenity comic, with #2 and #3 on the way when i can afford it and when it's released, respectively.

Thank you!

Transmetropolitan was one of the few things I refused to steal via the internet and chose to buy the whole thing myself.  Its great.

Warren Ellis is working on a new series now that seems interesting as well called Desolation Jones.  I haven't checked it out yet, though.

I also bought "From the Desk of Warren Ellis Volume 1" that has some interesting writings of his, mostly regarding the comic book industry and comics as an artform.  Good stuff.

The first issue of Desolation Jones was interesting. We'll see where it ends up going.  Same sort of dry humour but in a more contemporary setting.