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The Future of Cyberpunk
"The greatest dystopian novel might be the evening news.”

Now that our world is terrifyingly looking more and more like a cyberpunk dystopia, how will the genre be reimagined by the writers of today?

That was a really good article, and it echoes my beliefs that we got the bad ending. I do like that it doesn't wallow in this defeatist attitude and rephrases it as, "Yes, we got the bad ending, but what are you going to do about it?"

The future is here without any of the glamor. And anyone still alive to witness it still has a chance to make a difference. What is that future going to be like? That depends on whose mind you're in.

I'm amused that one day, Sindome may be considered a historical setting.

Go back in time, to an age before the Interstack, where people had to travel in flying cars and perform manual labor such as package delivery. Travel to a time where corporations and billionaires still ruled the world, and their power was left unchecked by greedy officials. Learn ancient skills such as hacking, biomodification, and swordfighting and wage war in a time where nobody had energy after a 14-hour workday to organize freedom-fighting operations. You are now entering... The Sindome.