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Sindome Merch Shop?
Looking for others interested in building this

Idea was floated to start an SD merch shop. My understanding is that it is best to start small with a few solid products, which probably means logos from graphic designers whose stuff will make good shirts. If you have any best practices for doing small batch t-shirt products & orders please share your tips.

Right now, I am not looking for anyone to give merch art ideas or to do up their own logo designs, though it sure would be cool to to so in the future.

If you have experience in online storefront and spare time to build it & run it, and wish to lean into this project, I ask that you post your interest here...I certainly am time-limited and will need help to get something good going.

I expect to work with the TSG staff to ensure there is transparency & quality control, and so we're not going to cross any OOC collaboration boundaries. But the spirit of the thing is good: devil will be in the details. Can you help?

i said it once ill say it again

liteterm tablet case

There are places like CustomInk and stuff, and if you order enough it's like $6 per shirt, but the caveat is if Sindome wants to make money off of it, it's probably better to go to a fandom shop like or something.
I would buy a t-shirt or a hoodie. Maybe some stickers.

This is a great idea. I think this has lot of good info on it, for t-shirts at least. I dunno what more we would need.
I Went To Withmore City, and All I Got Was This T-Shirt!

(and mugged)

Update: I have 4 shirts being designed right now & am looking into the tablet case options.

There's no accounting for taste, but I was so fucking excited about how these T-shirts turned out that I had to come here and post about it. My favourite is the HondaMitsu shirt, followed by the PUNK or FAME block letter immigrant shirts, then followed by the (and mugged) shirt thanks Baguette for that, and last but not least the San Mara trading post shirt.

I can't wait to see the designs.
If a storefront is still being considered, might I recommend redbubble (

Also, I'd totally buy a Cafe Bizou or Genetek mug. Just sayin'.

Canary yellow Genetek mug please.
Personally, I'm more interested in seeing what people come up for the corps and gangs. Also Wickes gear. AND CHEN MAYO JERSEYS.
The Merch Shop has launched! Follow it on as I will be adding products for the next 7x days.

Limited time offer: You are invited to vote on the top bid in a freelance contractor (T-shirt design artist what else) contest:

Update: all but one of the designs has been uploaded.
Update: last of the designs was uploaded so here's what is available