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Netflix and Chill - Let's get cozy
Netflix movies with relevant ideas and themes

Cyberpunk-ish Netflix movie suggestions? Or movies with themes relevant to life in the dome, maybe?

I know theres some listed on the main site, but what else you got for me frens? Theres so many Netflix originals popping up that've been pretty legit.

Heres a few I'd recommend. I do love sci fi above all else, so mine will skew that way. Robots are love. I don't think most of these are full on Cyberpunk, but they've got elements and themes I think are relevant.

> Anon

> A Clockwork Orange (if you... havent heard of this one, maybe look it up to be sure you're up for it first.)

> Ex Machina

> I Am Mother

> Otherlife (TiDi eyy)

> Love Death + Robots (so much yay. I've only been through a few episodes and I've loved it)

> Moon (Fell a little short for me. But it's still good)

> Tau

> The Twilight Zone (this show really is fantastic. and it's always relevant. fite me.)

> The Outsider (not sci fi or cyberanything - rough reviews but whatever I liked it)

> The Matrix

Would love to see suggestions more suggestions :)

LD&R is one of the best stuff I've watched in a while.
Altered Carbon is on Netflix. Watch it if you haven't :)
Ah yeah!! I've got that in my queue. I need to get on that.
How about...

The Fifth Element





Old Boy (original)



Altered Carbon, do it now. (I expect the book is better, but the series is pretty damn good, and looks amazing)

Oldboy should come with the same warning as Clockwork Orange... Maybe more so? :/

Might still be on Netflix depending on your region:

- The Expanse

- Psychopass

- Stein's Gate

(last two are anime, but I would recommend them to even people who are massive anti-weebs)

Couple of others I would recommend if you can find them:

- The Island (very underrated I think)

- A Scanner Darkly (very Cyberpunk drugs)

- Total Recall (new one was a decent watch)

- Run Lola Run (not really CP, but made it onto a CP film list I saw for some reason and is great. German film though, so hope you don't mind subs)

- The Animatrix (think Love Death + Robots set in the Matrix universe)

And just in case you're somehow lacking in the bare essentials of a healthy and balanced diet:

- Blade Runner

- Ghost in the Shell

- The Fifth Element (just had to repeat that suggestion because)

I heavily recommend Happy! too
also I am shocked nobody mentioned this, but I gotta do it.

Dredd -- the new one, or the sentence is death :D - old one is good too.


Johnny Mnemonic

Sleep Dealer

Tetsuo series

I was sticking specifically to Netflix movies as OP asked (but maybe not intended). Im a stickler for rules ;p

On that note... @Ranger I cant begin to describe how much fun i had watching "Happy!". Such an underrated show. So glad it got a second season.

Dredd was on Netflix for a while :(

I'm just counting off the top of my head, I didn't really check if some of the movies are still available or not (though Mnemonic probably never was on Netflix). Plus regional differences.

Oh also Hotel Artemis.

So many suggestions ♡ Thanks! I've got Prime too and I might be able to rent a few of these that arent on Netflix.


Not sure I saw this on the list and it's not quite a movie but a series of individual episodes, but I really liked Black Mirror. It's got a CP feel to it for sure.