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Ghost in the Shell - New Movie trailer
because that other trailer from today was just okay

get hype chummers !


And I know the song they used which they turned into MIDI playing in the background but of course can't quite place it yet.

Know if this is stand alone or takes place somewhere in the series / after the series (SAC [Stand Alone Complex])?

this song?

Yes, that's it.

It reminded me of Adventure Club or Crywolf, but your link shows Grasslands?

I must have heard it on Pandora sometime or something like it.

Is Grasslands the artist?

Also, thanks for the movie link share. :)

If you like Ghost in the Shell, you will like this. Also watch the Arise series before the movie since it wraps all of that up.
this looks so freaking good.
Dunno who's seen it yet, but amazingly brought to life.. Fans have already seen the entirety of the movie in the movies before; but still not let down except some of the minor changes and cuts. Recommend to anyone. ;)