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Cyberpunk Images and Videos

The Drome's restroom

Meanwhile, in Korova's VIP room

From The Future With Love: a short film based in the near-future revolving around the concept of privatized police forces. Real life CorpSec.

An interview of cyberpunk-inspired photographers, with photos:

I love these threads. My Background for the past six months or so. Oh yeah! First Post!

Lots of CP imagery!

New art from CP2077 - details the different classes <3

If you haven't read Tokyo Ghost yet, you're sleeping on one of the best and most visually incredible cyberpunk stories out there. It's also absolutely the best cyberpunk comic since Transmet, IMO.

Some cover art from Cyberpunk 2077 and other themely stuff.


Thanks for the tip about Toyko Ghost. That's new to me, but I'm going to check it out. I'm already sold based on that image of the 1970s style cars in the Death Race. (I miss my Datsuns)


Thanks for the link to Kotaku. I had seen a couple of those images, but not the entire collection. There is so much detail in them, I could stare at them for hours. I really like the one on the train / lev. For me, it really communicates the hectic nature of people being on their hustle all the time, and the sheer density of the population. I like the focal point there on the techie with the terminal, with the friends keeping an eye out.

On a related subject, if you aren't following the CP2077 Instagram, it's worth doing. Whoever is doing the media for that product is absolutely killing it. The way that they made the individual images mesh together into larger collages is well thought out.

Sorry to post without an image but I really wanted to follow-up and bother @Hek and ask if you got around to checking out Tokyo Ghost yet ?! I'm such a fangirl for that fucking comic it's so good. Sean Murphy is A GOD. I have a signed print of a Blade Runner piece he did that's like my prized possession. Okay I lied here's a cyberpunk image.

Gritty, dark cyberpunk is too commonplace, let's go for CUTE cyberpunk!

This is the same artist that I posted earlier but there are some new images.

Tangent: I've noticed characters embracing the Neon Pink trend ICly. Woo hoo!
A very crude depiction of the divide

A Street Judge passing judgment on a Mixer, colorized circa 20XX.

I don't remember if this was posted somewhere else, but its kind of a classic. This thread seems like an appropriate place to post it, since this is not 'really' a meme.

Social Media addiction - Short Movie

(This reminds me of when I go to family gatherings, and all of my 10 younger cousins are looking at their phones and not talking to anyone. Which is both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, like this video. Enjoy!)