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Cyberpunk Films

I found a list of cyberpunk works on wikipedia ( and have been gradually working my way through the film section for the last week (making heavy use of putlocker to do so).

So far I have watched;

Judge Dredd, Bladerunner, Matrix 1 2 and 3, and Repo Men.

I absolutely loved Judge Dredd, was a little puzzled by bladerunner's wacky symbolism, and the matrix is well, the matrix and therefore awesome. The surprise standout for me though was Repo-men. Whilst it lacked the outright action awesomeness of Dredd and the Matrix or the especially deep plot of Bladerunner the balance of action and story alongside the ending just resonated with me. I'd be interested to hear what you guys think of these films and what films you would recommend to me.

For Bladerunner, it's generally agreed that you must watch one of the later cuts (Directors or Final) rather than the original theatrical version with the voiceover.

You should also check out Dredd, a newer film about Judge Dredd that's not a sequel to the original one. I also recently saw Elysium, which creates a good example of the contrast between mixers and corpies in SD. Johnny was talking about this film called Snowpiercer sometime recently, which looks quite interesting,

Escape from L.A. and Escape from N.Y. are both pretty good and very cyberpunky. Older films so some parts and some lines seem kinda funny.
I love love Bladerunner for the aesthetics and ambiance alone. For me the plot is almost secondary. A visually beautiful film, quintessential CP.

The 2012 Dredd film is an easy action flick watch. No heavy lifting required. My only gripe is that the entire film takes place inside that damn tower. I wanted to see more of the city, its people, how it works. But it is not that kind of film.

Snowpiercer is... interesting. It is CP in the class contrast and struggle sense. In short it's an allegory about capitalism, climate change and class struggle. Check it out if you like art house films. It did not blow me away, but I did not feel like my time was wasted in watching it either.

Enter the Void is a personal fave, and while not really CP, could give you some good RP ideas for the effects of psychadelics/candy.

Ah Snowpiercer was oddly fun. Good call, with that one.
I watched repo men recently and i really enjoyed it. I know before when i'd thought about doing a ripper doc character a friend had suggested it for ideas (i mean giving people cybernetics and then taking them back out if they dont pay fast enough is an interesting idea)

I haven't seen bladerunner in a while but i do remember enjoying it. Also i would second the Dredd film even though its basically just action with a tiny bit of plot thrown in it is incredibly FUN action :D

Elisium is great for a film showing a class divide and i'd never really thought about it being like the mix and corpies but it certainly does show that dynamic very well

Robocop films are fun (the originals, not seen the newer one) and they get more cyberpunk setting as they go along (i believe the 3rd one is about a sort of corporation trying to opress people)