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Cyberpunk/Afrofuturism Music Recc
Because Janelle Monáe…

I don’t know if it’s been said before but if you’re into cyberpunk as a genre and want to listen to some pretty epic albums based on a futuristic, cyberpunk theme, I am BEGGING you to listen to any/all of Janelle Monáe’s albums, especially Metropolis, ArchAndroid, and Electric Lady. Her first three albums have a vague storyline set in the far future, with afrofuturistic flavor and not-so-subtle political commentary. Also, the music itself is mind-blowing. What more could you ask for? (A movie, we want a movie.)

But anyway… if you want to dip your toes in, Metropolis is the first in the Cindy Mayweather saga (yes, Janelle Monáe has a cyborg alter ego) and is relatively short at a solid 26 minutes 13. Cannot recommend enough.