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[Novel] Aleph Zero - now in english!
Written by yours truly.

Hello guys. I've been less active on SD due to new, better, busier work responsibilities.

I have been working, however, on translating to english my cyberpunk novel, Aleph Zero, the result of years of hard, hard work.

Well, now it's done, and it's on Amazon, and it can be yours! =D

I hope you like it! I've waited years to be able to post this here, for you!

How much money do we have to throw at you to read it to us in a sexy Argentinian accented audio book?

Take my dollar. All my dollar.

Hi Kuzco,

I'm very proud of this! I was waiting for the Amazon release since it was hard for me to get a physical one from your country. I'll buy a copy now. Finally!

Glad to hear you're doing better as well!

MADRE DE DIOS, finally!

Gratz Kuzco.

Oh, I forgot, here's a sample chapter:

Oh, I forgot, here's a sample chapter:

Oh, I forgot, here's a sample chapter:

Oh, I forgot, here's a sample chapter:

I'm really enjoying this. Thank you for posting! :)

Guys I sent some promotional mails to some journalists and 1 hour later the government announced our first coronavirus positive.

Now I'm getting famous.

Heh. Nice. Free marketing.