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Through Immigration Control

I thought I'd come and say hi from the outset. I have spent the last month browsing through, and trying to find a text-only world I would feel happy immersing myself in. I haven't found many, some of the MUD and MUSH worlds look OK, but nothing I have spent more than a few days with.

This, on the other-hand, is the kind of environment I have been looking for. It's structure kind of reminds me of EVE-online, a game I played for 10 years - but graphic-based, not text.

Anyway, see you guys in-game :)

Welcome to Sindome! I hope you continue to enjoy our little world. I think you'll find that it definitely fits the immersion you are looking for.
Hi Jade.

Yes it will. I have spent the last couple of days familiarising myself with some basic commands. Tomorrow I will go have a look round - I see another ten years of my life going into a game :)