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Thank you Player content!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the bits of player created content that makes the game just as much fun as the coded systems. Was paying attention tonight to stuff in game and just wanted to say thanks. Really fun and cool.

This wasn't the first time I've thought it, but it made me want to come and say thank you none the less.

Thank you for the acknowledgement.

I remember coming back after 3 years away from Sindome and being surprised and tickled at how many things I and my characters started - separately from admin material - were still part of the culture.

Sure, descriptions, IC media and artworks, that sort of thing persist, that's not surprising. But the ones which you can't count on being preserved in the MOO DB...

Sayings, jargon/slang, DIY world-building, VCs ("virtual characters")... The players here absorb and maintain the life of each others' creativity.

I sometimes feel like the dome is an archaeology site, and that there's a story or ten behind everything. Thank you to everyone who has come and gone and left a permanent mark, and especially thanks to those that are still around.
Yeah, stuff like that. Or the Vid content. Songs. Just lots of really creative and awesome things out there that I know take a lot of work, but are just damned cool. Even if your character goes 'meh' the player is really impressed.
Got tons of respect for players and staff who contribute to building and writing. Devoting your time to a fun character is included in this. Hearing about... and Laughing About... some of things people have done ic and seeing characters come to life was the hook to me.Extra Props for the catchy commercials too. Eat it be good!!!
I love the one-off performances that disappear into memories, too. You get one shot to see that content, and then it's gone. And there's so much of it. Props to everyone.