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Report OOC/IC Breaches

This is displayed to you every time you load up the game, but I feel like it's not said enough, and the culture of it has definitely been lacking. There are plenty of text-based RPs out there where you can talk to the people you RP with, shoot the shit, trade socials, become friends. If that's what you want to do, go play those games. I play Sindome because I'm tired of OOC cliques, of people planning RP OOCly, of people predetermining their character actions based off who they currently have blowing up their Discord, the tag teams, the dirty plays, chatting up your buddy to come help you when your apartment is being raided.

Fuck that. I'm glad 12 people got banned for it, because I was one of the people affected by it. I didn't even get it as bad as some. I doubt some even realize they were the victim of it.

It's a rule for a reason, and just because this is your favorite MUX ever, doesn't mean you get to change that rule. Ultimately, this post is my impassioned plea against the rise of this culture in the playerbase. Please do not collude OOCly. Don't talk about the game OOCly. I love befriending the people I'm RPing with just as much as the next person, I've crossed states to meet text-based rp buddies, but people need to understand: DO NOT TALK ABOUT SINDOME OOCLY.

It ruins the game. This is not some arbitrary thing staff enforce to keep you down. It ruins the game.

Thanks for coming to my Bubblegum Bitch Talk.

I play Sindome because I'm tired of OOC cliques...

Sounds like you have something to report ;)
I wonder if my character got screwed over because of this.