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IRL life lessons learned from Sindome

Serious or silly, name life lessons you've learned or improved on IRL.

- I've become more aware of how I just drop stuff in random spots around my living room and bedroom.

- I've learned how to be less messy (and shove everything into my closet.) 😁

- I don't hate Linux as much as I used to. (still @hate it tho)

- I'm more aware about blabbing data about myself in social situations. 😅

- Crime is just privatization away from being rampant.

-It's not socially acceptable to leave my rimrag laying around the kitchen or living room.
-I've become more wary of crowds than I already was.

-I've started noticing cameras and surveillance more, even going as far as to looking for it.

-Closets are just an excuse to stash shit.

-I no longer trust my wallet.

-Giving away personal info/data easily is a damn bad idea.

-Never trust someone in a hood, even if you're someone in a hood.

never remove your left ear otherwise the world ends
More positive one- take a look at the world around you. Try going to places you've never been before, you might find something really cool.
People care far more about killing hookers in a game then irl
I now have a stronger urge to explore abandoned buildings
- You have no idea clue what others are going through, even if they tell you some of the stuff they are.

- No one can read your mind.

- Clean your room. No, seriously, clean you're room, you're gross.

- You never know who you're going to meet and how they are going to change your life. Give strangers a chance.

Don't lick puddles.

But really, stop being so scared and just try it. You'll -probably- die or hurt and/or get rejected, but you're gonna die anyway and you're already a piece of shit. Did I learn yolo from Sindome? Great. I hate everything. :P

I've also learned better empathy playing a character with an entirely different worldview from me.

Also, how to make molotov cocktails. Thanks for making me google those, friends. I know it shoulda been obvious, but Im not really an explode all the things person irl.

I've become more aware of how depressing it is to be lonely. Usually I can go hours being alone and not caring, but now I care about it more.
Okay I have more

-The answer to any problem is, and always will be "Just do more drugs"(Thanks Cerb)

-Streetfights are fucking BRUTAL

-Word travels fast

-People will exploit you just as quick as you'll exploit them

-When they're dead, they're just hookers

-Corporate oppression is very real, and very terrifying, and the more I delve into the theme, the more blatant it seems in the real, and the more apathetic to it people seem.

One thing I've learned is...

Be paranoid, but don't lose hope about the world. It's not QUITE as bad as Withmore yet. Not quite.

At least not everywhere.

The instant the world becomes Sindome is the instant it stops being fun.

@DoveCage those were so wholesome 💚

That sometimes I talk far more shit than is needed or solicited by anyone around me.
..... I talk too much about myself.
What I learned in solo school today is:

how to mix drinks in fancy ways

IRL life lessons learned from Sindome???

Humans are still bad, they need a good nuke session.

Also, I have to study them more before nuking them.

Then, I am wary that they can be very mean and it sometimes seems normal for them.

So, people leave because they can't do anything about it.

So IRL stuff learned: Stay yourself, being hermit is a better way to live, don't try to mimic the others just because you will look more human. It is dumb.

Being hyper-aware IRL with what I'm carrying and how much money I have on me. :-D
To Evie: Huh, I feel happier when alone. I don't think for me it is depressing. But it is if you are with bad company and you struggle to meet their etiquette.
hermits unite!
wait...that's not what hermits do!
Killing myself, ultimately, is just a long term immediate solution to a short term problem and that I should consider everything else before resorting to it.