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Giving props to fallen heros
When is it okay to give OOC props for IC actions?

So I can think of a couple characters, long since permed (as far as I know) that I would really love to give a shout out to, but I know that is a big no-no. Due to the way the game works, my character has no way of knowing if someone is truly permed or not, other than not seeing them and being pretty darned sure.

Is there a certain grace period where we can give a 'thanks for all the laughs, whoever played Bob' sort of post? Or is that kind of forever forbidden?

I believe the grace period for OOCly discussing inactive IC events/characters is ~2 years. I can't find where I read that, though.
I always viewed this as a IC thing. If you play a PC for a long time, you should strive to have some kind of legacy. Some PC's have crazy public legacy's...others are whispered about. There's also IC means to leave stuff behind such as afterthoughts and you'll find oldbie legends mixed in with SIC tags and random outbursts.

The lore wiki is also great for this but should be used responsibly. If your PC is a nobody - they shouldn't have twenty page lore entry.

I definitely agree with Reefer. The highest compliment you can pay a character whose RP you enjoyed is to spread their name and their deeds after they are gone. It's how new legends are made. :)
Agreed with the above! I love hearing stories of characters gone by.

How many permed / sunsetted / NPC'd characters are still talked about? I'd guess easily hundreds. The lore is deep.

The wiki is really outdated, though.

Agreed on Reefer's point.

There's something wonderfully grim and themely about people who were hot shit just a few months ago being completely forgotten in as much time.