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EU relocation

Hello, all. I'm attempting to relocate back to the EU from the US, and thought I'd post here for any tips that might seem pertinent. Since this board is about anything, it seemed a good place to ask. Especially, from such a diverse crowd as yourselves :)


Where about's in EU are you looking to locate too?
I lived in Prague, Czech Republic for 1.5 years 11 years ago, and for four months last winter. My Czech language is fairly decent, and I speak a little German. With that in mind, I'm really open to Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, or the Netherlands, but am open to other options, as well.
Both pretty obvious- But Wherever you go, Make sure to really look into the laws as different places get angry over different things. Also make sure that wherever you choose you either know the language- Or pick somewhere where your native language is common.
Both are good tips. Unfortunately, the visa laws changed right before I attempted to immigrate last winter. It caused the company that was going to give me a work permit to change their minds, so I spent the time trying to get a private business license processed. There just wasn't enough time to get it done, sadly. Germany's laws are slightly easier than CZ for Americans, but I'm open.
If you like -really- shit weather- The UK is a thing. Wouldnt recommend it though.
Lol. I like the UK, actually. Though, I'd want to stay in the EU. One of the things I loved most about living in central Europe was the ability to easily travel to various different places. Plus, the UK is a tad more expensive than some places in the EU. Still, it is a lovely place.
I live in the EU, I'll send some job links through later once I've been able to do some research. I also highly recommend LinkedIn - I get a lot of job offers through there and it's easy to find recruitment specialists who have an incentive to help if they can see you're skilled and qualified :)