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Durarara anime - not quite cyberpunk
But it feels a lot like Sindome

Hi, I'm new! Lately I've been watching the anime Durarara, and while it's not cyberpunk - it's modern day and more supernaturalish - I've noticed it just feels a lot like Sindome.

It's all set in this one neighborhood that's mysterious and dangerous. There's almost always a crowd, but the people are grayed out and fade into the background.

Interesting people stand out and they're all "main" characters in their own way with complex back stories. Sometimes they're doing something interesting and the story follows them, but other times they're in the background of someone else's story, just working or living.

When characters interact, it's almost random or coincidental. They form unlikely friendships. Some characters even only know each other through chats!

There are also the occasional novelty characters that are only around an episode or two that feel a bit like failed immy experiments, while others characters get strong enough to become urban legends that are whispered about to newcomers.

It's all a lot like how I view the fictional relationships of the characters in Sindome.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that random thought with the community. It's on Netflix in the US if you haven't seen it before.

I love DRRR. It's given me a lot of inspiration for my characters, and I definitely saw how similar it is to Sindome is some places. Specifically, the emphasis on chatroom interactions feels like SIC, the color gangs are reminisicent of a little more amateurish Red sector gang war, and the representation of the criminal syndicates is very fitting to how Sindome treats them as well.