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Character Arts 7

Aye can maka de art zee!


My first time commissioning from an artist and I am SO thrilled with how it turned out!

Credit @ars.caput on Instagram.

Nice to all three!
Art done by @Varolokkur! I am very happy with it.
Art done by @Varolokkur! I am very happy with it.

Slightly bigger format and resized image here:

Kinda late, but it was finally done. RIP.

By Liskana at A&C.
Submitted via email

Art by Varolokkur by the way.


That is bloody great. Hahaha
Withmore's forgotten son, Null Void.

Withmore's forgotten son, Null Void.

Edited a Soviet propaganda poster to look more like my char... :)

I sent this in anonymously at first but since it got posted in the wrong thread and the thread died without any staff acknowledgment I'm putting it here. It's fine, I assume Mench is too busy to check these threads.

I'd like to shill for the artist I commissioned this fantastic piece from as their rates are negotiable for folks outside the States and those otherwise on a limited budget.

You can find them at

Looks great! That brushwork is amazing. Sorry by the by if I glossed over the art that first time, I was mostly confused about it getting put in the wrong thread.
Sic goblins
That's 100% my fave vibe.

Repost for Dawnshot.

Artbreeder still coming in handy.

it's him

it's the boy

oh whoops forgot to credit the artist - @pavulonpunch on twitter

No idea if this link will work. Alas; a certain individual (and guest) some of you may recognize." />" />

Should be fixed

Used Black Desert Online: Remastered as a way for me to portray my character. Just playing with stuff.

Also Artbreeder...

New haircut with a guest! I love Picrew in lieu of my lack of artistic talent :p

Oop- Didn't work. Time to try again.


The boy!


Hmm... who dis guest

Trying to practice drawing again.. no judgey please.

New character, my gal...


For Rillem.


Absolutely loving the character art from everyone, always excited to see it!
Art submitted by the Arts Anonymous submission electronic mail system.

Hopefully, this is the right thread and if it's not then I'm 100% sure I can count on someone to tell me instead of waiting 5 days and making a comment on OOC-Chat.


(Edited by Slither at 6:16 am on 10/14/2021)

I made a moodboard for my character!

Art via the anonymouse art submission pigeon mail system.

Some sketchies. Drawing is hard idk.

I've posted this one before, but I'm posting it again because I like it.

check two, check two.

Just vibing, bro.

Nothing ever does what I tell it to do.

I think that's because you're posting a link for an imgur album instead of one for an image. the /a/ in the link refers to that. Here,

Repost for Kiptik

nevermind I'm a dummy too. Does this work? Let's find out together.

aw thanx :D
Submitted via the anonymous art pigeon mail line!