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A Map
is there a map of the game anywhere

I was wondering if there was a map of Withmore city, or atleast the starting area. Im new and id like to find my way around.
That's a very good question! You should ask that as your character (in character) instead of ooc (out of character, or as the player) since this is a question from your characters standpoint. SIC is a good start! (help sic)
We also have a channel called game help for these questions where you'll either be given an answer or told you'll have to ask as your character. You can join the channel using '@xcon game'.
With that said I wonder if any of these possibly existent maps are going to be updated in the future, or maybe that is something a character could consider doing if they have the skills.
There's a plan to update, but I would ask xgame to see who's spearheading that effort and how to do it without breaking rules. But I know someone's working on it!