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[Town Hall] '22 RP Awards!
Awards, for Arr Pee!!

Sindome has an amazing community full of a large range of characters and personalities. These characters aren’t possible though, without the fantastic Roleplayers behind them.

The Sindome RP Awards are back once again and this is your chance to recognize those who you feel deserve to win an award for their amazing RP.

Follow the link below and vote for the people you think, deserve to win. You can vote for the same person for multiple categories but please, try and avoid voting for NPC's. As much as Rychek appreciates it, he doesn’t want a trophy.

Nominations must be in by Thursday 24th February.

RP Awards Nomination Form

The winners will be announced after the Town Hall is complete, so stick around! Good luck!

(Edited by Mench at 10:49 am on 1/30/2022)

Lines are closed.

Any votes made after yesterday will not be counted.

Thanks for voting!