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Don't fuck with them.

Unless you're kindly moving someone into a cube, or quickly picking their pockets. PLEASE don't fuck with sleepers.

1. Do not shove them off roof tops to circumvent the code that prevents them from being attacked.

2. Do not drag them around all of creation like they're in a coma.


You can use them in RP as a PROP because they're sleeping so they're not reacting they're a PROP at that point, but i will not allow you to KILL THEM or MOVE THEM out of RP or hostage situations or anything unless they've woken up to participate in the RP.


Update to our sleeper policy. Specifically on the topic of robbing them.

The rule of thumb is-- is this person a known character, asleep on the street with a bunch of gear on them? probably internet issues. don't be a dick. Report it over xhelp so they can be moved to a coffin.

Is this person asleep in a cube you just rented with a bunch of gear on them? rob them.

We want people to be predatory ICly, not OOCly.